New patterns, fabric and dress – oh my!

I’ve been checking the Big 4 websites over the last few days and it looks like a couple of them have released the hounds on their new Autumn patterns – it’s like Christmas for needle and thread jockeys!

Here are my favorites of the newbies:




I just love the color blocking on this dress designed by Rebecca Taylor, but imagine that a FBA with all of these style lines could present a challenge. Nothing wrong with a good challenge, though, right?



I really love the bow and skirt on this dress designed by Chado Ralph Rucci, but am unsure of how much I dig the slit neckline. The whole silhouette may be a bit mature for me, but it’s still alluring.



This Easy Vogue pattern looks very flattering and absolutely easy peasy – a great wardrobe builder for Autumn. I really don’t have any long-sleeved dresses (I generally end up going the dress with a cardigan route when wearing a frock in Fall or Winter) and I think this would be a wonderful addition to my closet. I plan to definitely get this one at the next $3.99 Vogue Pattern sale at JoAnn or Hancock.



Fullscreen capture 7292012 55618 PM.bmp

This dress is not quite style, (the collar is just odd to me…needs something!) but I still think it’s super cute and love its nod to vintage style.

Pattern talk naturally leads me to mooning over fabric…from years of bargain shopping I have over 200 a few choices when I decide to make a garment, but it seems that sometimes there just is not always the right fabric for a certain project in my stash. Plus, I am a sucker in general for pretty fabrics and bitchin’ sales.

There was one such sale at my favorite textile e-tailor, a couple of weeks back, and I ended up with these new beauties. Here are their currently intended destinies:

Black and white pindot crepe georgette for the main body and possibly also the ruffles. I’ve also thought about incorporating the two-tone plum chiffon (lower right) but I’m not sure how sophisticated that would look altogether.

Sage cotton poplin for the whole dress (sorry about the shadow). Though, now that I’ve received it, it looks so drab (the perils of judging color from a computer monitor). Might have to mix it with another fabric to give it some sass, as the dress intended.

Red and blue berry floral crinkle chiffon for the cami with a straight hem. Will probably find a coordinating fabric to go with it, as well. Not sure how this one will work with a larger bust, but we’ll see how it goes!

And lastly…the dress that I just cut the pattern out for:
This lovely knit dress. I’m using an olive green double knit (which looks much darker here than in person) that I think I got from Nancy’s Notions, but I’m really not sure. I’ll probably cut the fabric tonight and start a-sewin’ tomorrow!

And since I’ve basically devoted this post to the acquisition aspect of sewing (oh how I love to source sewing and craft supplies!), I thought I’d also share this intriguing new monthly craft sample delivery service I stumbled upon, called WhimseyBox, which allows you to try samples of many things, much like the model by cosmetics website, BirchBox.

Upon further research, it seems that WhimseyBox has been around since at least late last year – looks like I’m a little late to the party!

In video on the website, it shows a sample box that contains some fabric, novelty yarn (Ick. But, to each her own), and some stencils with paint. I really love the idea – a monthly shipment of a few crafting products you maybe wouldn’t have tried otherwise. However, the $25 monthly price tag for samples is a bit rich for my blood – think of the fabric and patterns I could buy that I’d be certain to use!

If I knew that I would like the majority of the items in the box, I’d go for it. As it is, I wish them the best of luck, but I’ve decided hang back and live vicariously though anyone in Blogland that signs up.


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